is that he is a monster.  Reality is that he is not capable of change.  Reality is that he will never ever get that what he did was wrong.  This photo was on one of the walls he bashed my head into.  He just doesn’t get it.  He does‘t understand or he doesn’t have the capacity to get why what he did was wrong.  I allowed him since I sat there and took it, to go after me today for 6 hours calling me spiteful, evil, vindictive because I am choosing to stand up for myself. He told me to shut up.  Told me I was selfish.  Told me I was hurting him because I am choosing to do the right thing. He tried reverse psychology…he tried everything instead of just being a decent human being.  He stood up for his ex-wife’s and his family’s sick and disturbing behavior.  He tried over and over to gas light me to the point I threw up since my tolerance for being yelled at is much shorter than it use to be given the concussion.  He just doesn’t get it.  He just doesn’t understand – Even after pushing me so hard that I was vomited he kept going and going.  My head hurts and so does my neck.  I was almost hit by a car today because I have a hard time looking to the left.  This cold hearted snake doesn’t have an ounce of compassion and is only concerned about himself.  I know…everyone told me but I wanted to believe different.  I wanted to believe otherwise.  I wanted to believe he cared but he really never ever did so why would he start now.  I can’t think straight to explain any more but this good looking VP is one of the most evil individuals I have ever known in my life.  He emotionally abused me for 5 years and then that moved into physical abuse, and once was enough for me to walk but then I let him try and charm his way back into my life for a few weeks but in retrospect he wanted something  He risked getting arrested because he wanted to see if he could try and get me to drop the charges.  He brought me flowers and bought me gifts, and pretended he cared, but he really didn’t.  I need to keep writing and to keep sharing to keep myself honest and to remind myself of who I am and who he is. I need to break this cycle because I have a daughter to think about and I never want her to find herself with this type of a man. I never want her to stay with this type of a man….


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