“What you have been doing with online shaming and embarrassment…is a shallow pursuit and only validates a narrative where you are a crazy woman spurned.”

The glass broke with my head when he slammed me into the wall. Or as he likes to put it, when he got physical with me, but hey…according to two of his friends, one a speech therapist, Ms. Twat, as I like to refer to her as, and his sister who basically told me he was a jerk when I first met her believe I deserved what happened because I provoked it.  If I grined my teeth any harder thinking about that, they would break.

WOW!  Really Ms. Twat? Ms. Feminist with a brand new baby girl.  Are you going to ask that baby girl of yours what she did when she tells you her boyfriend attacked her.

If that wasn’t bad enough the system victimized me all over because I was being “emotional” and not handling things well.  Really?  I’m sorry I haven’t been able to suck it up fast enough for all of you and causing SOOOOOOOO much trouble. In case I’ve misunderstood given how emotional and nutty I am, you are upset because I have caused your dangerous and violent criminal friend/brother, who just happens to puts food on your table since he’s your hubby’s boss, embarrassment by being open and talking about the night he slammed me against the wall so hard to have caused brain trauma?  Is that right? Let me know I got it right because god forbid I should be worrying about myself and what I need to do to try and process and cope with what happened. I’ll make sure to stop that and worry about what you think or what he’s going through…no problem…that makes a lot of sense. Thanks so for the enlightenment!!! I will shift what matters and only worry about his job, his reputation, his kid. He’s all that matters in this..do I have that right? I’m so sorry for having been sooooo stupid.

I live in fear everyday of what he may do to me.  I don’t leave my house.  I don’t like to be alone.  This man has sucked the life from me and I am not sure when I will ever be the same. I fear him every minute of every day.  I fear living.  I fear being alone.  I fear being around people.  I live in constant fear while my abuser lives his life charming people, lying to mutual contacts and making them choose sides.  I stay home with my computer and write.  I Uber to doctor’s appointments, then come home.  I didn’t go on a trip I had planned because I was scared. He stole my life and goes on as if nothing happened, yet I am the one who is the horrible one because I’m not thinking of him…sad.


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