Radical Acceptance

I heard this phrase for the first time last week as I sat in my therapist’s office trying to make sense of why I was such an idiot for having stayed in an emotionally abusive relationship which ended in physical violence, leaving me with many health issues I am still dealing with today, almost 7 months later.

Beside forgiving myself, she said I have to accept that this man who I loved, trusted and would have done anything for betrayed me on many levels.  I try but I struggle with why or how any human being can be so evil.  I was reaching out to him until recently like a food trying to reason with him so he can understand that he’s got serious issues around control which is why he did why he did to me.  I’m a fool for trying to reason with a tiger.  Most people who see a tiger run the other way…He’ll never get it. I know that so…so so so…nothing…



1 thought on “Radical Acceptance”

  1. I like that term,”radical acceptance”. It sounds much nicer than “just give up hope”, which is the point I am at. Our divorce has been over, and that part if fine for me, but I have been continuing to hope for peaceful co-parenting…like with yours, it just isn’t going to happen.


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