“In A Messy World”

I came across https://inamessyworld.wordpress.com/page/5/ earlier today and it hit home.  This young woman expresses her journey through depression and anxiety with such honesty and rawness.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who can relate.  I have written mostly about the anger I feel towards the abuser, but reading her words remind me of the pain I feel.  Pain I continue to hide from.  I, too, wake up some mornings wishing I could just die.  The worthlessness I feel after having been with him has done a number on me like nothing I have ever faced before.  Not only do I live with the consequences of the emotional abuse I endured every minute of every day I have been drowning in fear since the physical assault.  Last week, during a physical with a male PA, I began crying.  Panic took over every cell in my body when he got too close to take my vitals.  I don’t recognize who I am and I wonder if I’ll ever feel safe again.

Thank you for sharing your struggle young Londoner.  You will get through this…I hope I do too.




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